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Post  hellboy on Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:28 pm

Age of Alexander (2010) J7unw1

Age of Alexander - Real-time strategy based on world conquest by Alexander of Macedon. The advanced tactical systems and elements of global strategy to create a large variety of game situations. The player can choose, or invent their own tactics, identify their style of play.

Features of the game Age of Alexander:
# Strategy Map - an original method for the selection of missions. It clearly shows results of world conquest, allows the player to make decisions before each battle in the campaign, including the choice of missions and capabilities.

# Collection of trophies - the player is able to obtain weapons, equipment and resources in an unconventional way - just a collection on the battlefield.

# System equipment soldiers - to construct / equip warrior appears not only in the construction phase, but also directly on the battlefield.

# Nonlinearity passage - the player can choose the order of passing the mission depends on what capabilities and forces it will have in the following battles, what area (the battle) will be available for conquest.


Date: 2010-02-17
Rating: 09/10
Game Type.: RTS
Size: 1 DVD
Language: GERMAN
Size: 1.17 GB

Code: [Check Download Links] Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part01.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part02.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part03.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part04.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part05.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part06.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part07.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part08.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part09.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part10.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part11.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part12.rar.html Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part13.rar.html
Code: [Check Download Links] Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part01.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part02.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part03.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part04.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part05.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part06.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part07.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part08.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part09.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part10.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part11.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part12.rar Age_of_Alexander_nymp.part13.rar


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